Our content specialists deliver the content support that fast-growing organizations need to increase brand exposure and drive growth.


Who we are

ContentWorm is a San Diego-based team of experienced writers, editors, and marketers with a passion for telling stories that get you noticed. We support scalable brands and businesses to implement their unique visions through digital content.

With 12+ years of expertise that spans blogging, sales copy, social media, and web content, all your content needs are covered! Drawing from a strong foundation in business development, we understand how content marketing fits into the bigger picture – and we’re here to partner with you on your path to success. Our focus is developing clear and consistent messaging that aligns with your offerings and helps close the gap between marketing and sales.

You have tons of great insights to share with your audience. Let us help you get it out there in a way that makes an impact.


Founder & Chief Content Strategist


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I founded ContentWorm for one reason: to support high-growth companies with their content needs.

Having worked as a writer and editor with organizations big and small, from education to B2B to e-commerce, I saw a need for a team of content development specialists to bring the stories and visions of mid-sized businesses to life. 

For organizations seeking specialized support without the unwieldy offerings of a marketing agency, we offer a lean model focused on developing quality content that speaks for itself.

All of our writers and editors have been hand-picked and thoroughly trained in the latest content marketing, SEO, and content creation best practices. 

Every team member is a native English speaker with a degree in English or the equivalent and on-the-ground experience in digital marketing, business writing, social media marketing, ghostwriting, and/or long-form content development.


What we do

With our high-level content strategy and social media strategy services, we stay in step with your larger strategic goals to help you achieve your desired results.

Once we have a strategy and content calendar in place, we dive into targeted content creation for your various channels, ensuring alignment across each platform for a consistent and effective central message.

Finally, we advise you on promotion to effectively sync your content development, digital marketing, and sales efforts to drive results.

Great content does the following:

Tells your story in a way that resonates with readers Build rapport in a way that resonates with readers Nurtures leads with the right content at the right time Generates brand recognition for your organization Complements and supports your company’s digital marketing and sales strategy Drives conversions Get Started