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Reflections of a Content Strategist on COVID-19

A content strategist reflects on COVID-19 while typing

Thoughts from the W Source Virtual Panel on Marketing in a Time of Crisis I recently spoke about content strategy and marketing in this current time of COVID-19 as part of a virtual panel alongside several other female business owners from around the country. Hosted by the W Source, a nationwide network of women business […]

Content Marketing During The Coronavirus Crisis

Executive navigating the coronavirus crisis

7 Steps to Refine your Content Marketing in the Face of a Public Health Crisis Don’t shy away from content marketing during a public health crisis like the Coronavirus. Chances are the heart of your content is still valuable, but it may need to be presented in slightly different terms or with a more sensitive approach. Your […]

Want a White Paper Format That Sells? Use This Guide

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Believe it or not, the right white paper format can influence your business’s bottom line. You might have an established client base, but it’s important to keep growing. The secret to growth? Valuable, high-quality content.   You can’t push out just any content. You need content that gives value to prospects while boosting your authority. […]

How to Write a Holiday Gift Guide that Boosts Sales


The holiday season will soon be upon us and you know what that means – shopping! Endless amounts of shopping. And if you’re a retailer, the holidays equal late hours and little sleep (also known as stress). On top of all the sales, there’s also the marketing to consider. Learning how to write a holiday […]

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Content Writing: Which is Right for My Business?

“Should we keep our content writing in-house?” Many small to midsize businesses struggle with this question: whether to have internal staff write your content or outsource the job to a professional copywriter or company. You like to write, you know your business best, and outsourcing content sounds costly, so why mess with your current content […]