Using Our Content Calendar Template

We’ve developed our Content Calendar Template as a starting point for your company. Every company’s needs are slightly different, so you can add/remove and modify columns so that they work best for you. Make sure to switch out of Read Only mode to modify and save the workbook.

The worksheets and columns are relatively self-explanatory and are based on the Hub & Spokes Model of content strategy. A Content Hub is a broad umbrella category that you will develop multiple articles (Spokes) around based on specific keywords. We recommend having 5-8 Content Hubs and working to develop 20-30 articles per Hub over time.

Example: A parenting coach may develop a Hub called “The Stress of Parenting” and then write Spokes (articles) on related topics like morning routines, positive discipline, etc.

Color coding: We suggest color coding your Content Calendar by Content Hub throughout the workbook. Assigning a different color to each Content Hub will help you visualize the distribution of your Spokes (articles) across the various Hubs.

Blog Articles – Scheduled

Use this worksheet to map out the articles that you will develop and publish in the coming months. Try to plan at least 3 months (1 quarter) in advance. Set realistic deadlines and schedule them in your work calendar. Allow a few days for editing between the date the draft is due and the target publication date.

Remember that you should conduct keyword research to identify promising keywords for each article. For SEO tips, check out the resources on our blog.

Call to Action: This is typically a line at the end of the article that prompts the reader to take a certain action. Examples would be to sign up for your newsletter, schedule a free consultation, download a resource that you have available, or register for a webinar/event. Try to refrain from having “buy this product” as a call to action; the first step should be providing some free value to nurture your relationship with a potential customer before selling them anything.

Blog Articles – Ideas

We advise keeping a running list of new blog article ideas whenever you think of one (ideas might come to you when working with clients or talking to prospects). It’s a good idea to keep everything in the same place. Then, when you’re getting ready to plan out your content for the next quarter, you can pull topic ideas from here and fill them in based on keyword research. Some articles might be designed around an upcoming event or a resource that you’re developing, so keep notes of anything that you need before you can write the article.

Published Articles

Once you have published a blog article, move it to this worksheet from the Scheduled worksheet. This will provide you with a running content repository and also allow you to keep track of keywords that you’ve already used.


People often conduct keyword research all at once. We advise identifying 8-10 keyword options for each Content Hub to start. Enter them all in this worksheet and keep track of the ones you’ve already used as you begin publishing content.