Creating content for your business might be easier than you think

Tips for uncovering content ideas & repurposing existing content

Deciding to create content for your business is one thing, but coming up with content ideas can be pretty overwhelming. Thankfully, you likely already have a lot of great materials that can be repurposed to create fresh and compelling content — you just have to know where to look.    

If you find yourself drawing a blank when it comes to crafting content ideas, we’ve got some tips to help you out. Start uncovering content ideas in your biz and repurposing your existing content.

8 potential places to uncover content ideas

Think about it: you communicate with your prospects and customers all the time, sharing valuable information that helps solve their problems — and often convinces them to work with you. This is the exact same information you want to include in your blog articles, social media posts, and other content types (infographics, videos, LinkedIn articles).

If you’re ready to repurpose some of your existing content, here are some places to look:

Prospecting emails

Prospecting emails are a treasure trove of valuable content. They often articulate your value proposition and business differentiators, which can be turned into compelling pieces that help highlight the unique qualities of your offerings. In addition, these types of emails might share pain points and solutions, which can be repurposed also — into social media posts or even short blog articles.

If you use email sequences as part of your sales and marketing efforts, you might even have vertical-specific pitches and pain points, making it easy to create articles or videos from those emails that target potential customers in specific industries. Take a look at your prospecting emails and pull out any nuggets of valuable information that be expanded upon and shared.

Sales pitch decks

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Sales pitch decks often cover your company’s mission, vision, values, positioning, details about products and services, and more. Each of these points can be expanded or shared and turned into valuable content pieces.

Additionally, you can pull out the central selling points and develop more focused individual articles or videos that dive deeper on each point. Say you’re a tech support company and one of your major sales points is your 24/7 availability; you could write a blog post explaining the benefits of 24/7 availability in your field and highlight how your company offers it.

Introductory emails (to referrals or investors)

A type of written elevator pitch, your introductions to potential clients or investors likely contain some insightful gems that help position you in the market and perhaps even share some of your results or achievements. Spin these gems into multiple social posts or even a web story or slide-share video.

Webinars, podcasts, or live events

If you’ve hosted or participated in any webinars, live events, or podcasts, you have plenty of fantastic material to use as a jumping-off point.

From writing a synopsis of the event to breaking apart key points and turning them into separate blog or LinkedIn articles, to pulling direct quotes or audio snippets to share on social, every webinar, podcast, and live event has the potential to generate dozens of content assets for your business.

Cold call sales scripts

Turning your cold call script into blogs or a series of social media posts is a terrific way to address pain points and objections at the top of the funnel. By raising the problems directly, you’ll have more informed prospects and fewer hurdles to jump through to close the deal. You could easily create several pieces from just one cold call script.

Thank you emails from customers

Review any thank you emails you’ve received from your customers or clients. In them, you might find some share-worthy success stories (great for social media) or the potential for a more extensive case study. A customer who has expressed gratitude for your services will be very likely to agree to participating in a more in-depth case study. Beyond that, you may even find some new ways of describing your offerings or business based on the words the customer used.

Client testimonials

Is there anything more potent than customer testimonials? Look for specific success stories to feature that will help crystallize the value of your products or services for your audience. Testimonials are terrific because you can share them as-is on social media or crack them open and create an entire piece around one testimonial. And video testimonials are pure gold, if you happen to have them.

Brand video scripts   

If you have any commercials or brand-specific videos, it doesn’t take much effort to repurpose them to spin off new assets. Splice up the video to create bite-sized pieces to share on social, call out specific points or quotes, create audio snippets to share on social, or transcribe the script to create several new and interesting content pieces.

Getting started with repurposing content

Now that you know where to find potential material to repurpose, the question becomes how to repurpose that content. Here are some content ideas worth exploring:

  • Expand the material to create blog posts or educational videos
  • Use standout lines or facts to share on social media
  • Use success stories to develop case studies
  • Expand informational material into white papers or eBooks
  • Turn webinar or podcast recordings into shorter video content

Each piece of material has the potential to be turned into dozens of separate content pieces. It’s all about reviewing the original source and asking yourself, “How can I expand, distill, spin, or highlight the information to make it compelling for my prospective customer?”

If you’d like help repurposing your existing materials and coming up with compelling content ideas for your target audience, please get in touch.

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