How to make your brand stand out in a sea of robotic content

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It’s impossible to turn a blind eye to the quickly evolving role of artificial intelligence across numerous areas of business these days. As content specialists, we work hard to stay ahead of emerging content marketing tools and trends, keeping tabs on what’s useful versus what’s just hype, and how these new tools can support our clients and their larger content marketing strategies

ChatGPT and other natural language processing (NLP) or large language models are useful tools for certain tasks — with clear limitations when it comes to long-form content development. Some of the specific limitations of using generative AI for content writing include: 

  • Factual inaccuracies
  • Outdated information
  • Plagiarism and/or copyright issues
  • Lack of references or links to credible sources
  • No backlinks or internal links following SEO best practices
  • Absence of built-in SEO optimization

These limitations, among others, are exactly why AI tools are intended to be just that — tools that supplement and support humans with their tasks. But in our eyes, the biggest risk of publishing AI-generated content is that it will blend in with all the other AI content that’s currently flooding the internet … Rendering your content bland, and your brand obsolete.

With content that sounds the same, is structured the same, repeats the same inaccuracies, and lacks any personality, how in the world will your brand stand out?

The short answer? It won’t — unless you implement a more robust content strategy that doesn’t rely on AI as your sole content producer.

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The opportunity: Publish original content with your unique take

We’re in an unprecedented moment in business that’s ripe with opportunities. Generative AI presents many ways to speed up work, make employees more productive, and automate some tedious tasks and processes that many of us aren’t too fond of doing anyways — from data entry to basic Internet research. 

But any skilled content marketer can tell you that AI tools must be balanced with the work of real people — content creators, copywriters, content strategists, SEO experts — to add the very necessary human element that breathes personality into your content and cements your brand’s unique positioning in the market.

As SEO specialist Serena Peterson writes, “The human touch is still what brings unique perspectives, creativity, and critical thinking to the table.” 

We don’t foresee this changing anytime soon.

Some companies are going all-in on AI for their content production, and while this may seem hugely cost- and time-efficient, it isn’t without its pitfalls. Beyond risks of plagiarism, copyright infringement, and factual inaccuracies, our eyes are on how AI will affect the creativity of branded content.

Not only does AI-generated content often read as robotic or nonhuman, the text tends to be repetitive and redundant in structure and phrasing. This results in a lack of personality, contributing to bland content that’s devoid of any recognizable — or standout — brand identity. This type of content may fill your editorial calendar, but a mountain of AI-produced prose adds up to brand content that isn’t relatable, feels inauthentic, and lacks originality and character.

In this age of ChatGPT and AI copywriting tools, brands like yours have a huge opportunity: to double down on your unique brand messaging and publish original content that AI is simply incapable of writing. 

Here are the types of original content pieces that we’re seeing move the needle for our clients:

  • Long-form thought leadership articles written from company leaders’ unique perspectives
  • Customer case studies with an engaging and relatable, human-centered narrative
  • White papers and research articles offering a compelling takeaway built around proprietary company data or industry research
  • Solution-specific blog articles providing concrete, detailed answers to your customers’ problems (that AI can’t regurgitate from outdated data pools)
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The more your competitors and other content creators rely on AI to create their content, the better your chances are of standing out from their sea of mediocre, robotic prose — with a seasoned content writer on your team to support these efforts. 

As outsourced content writers, the ContentWorm team takes a journalistic, research-oriented approach to every piece of content we write, helping position our clients as credible industry experts … and building up a formidable brand reputation that ultimately translates to more sales.

Whatever your current content setup is, be intentional about the tools you use and the type of content you produce to continue building a standout brand that stands out as unique in your industry.

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