White Paper Writing

Content Marketing’s Sharpest Tool


Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising–when done effectively. White paper writing is key to driving this level of success.

With today’s digital saturation, having the best product or most competitive pricing simply isn’t enough. There’s simply too much noise. 

Enter white paper marketing: The powerful, not-so-humble tool in content marketing’s toolbox.

A white paper is a long-form, authoritative, data-centric piece of content.

Effective white papers help inform the reader of your product or service with insightful data and research, showing how you can solve their problems.

Tried and Trusted

White Paper Marketing

ContentWorm: White Paper Marketing

White papers have been around a long time, but they’ve evolved a little. If your current white paper is boring and full of technical mumbo-jumbo, it’s time to switch things up. We’re all about modern white paper writing.

A well-developed white paper will: 

  • Establish your authority on a subject and boost your credibility
  • Be useful, meaningful, and tailored to your target audience
  • Clearly show your problem-solving, solution-focused abilities
  • Cite relevant, reliable data points and research
  • Generate quality leads
  • Get clients to engage with you

Tackling your White Paper writing

It takes a customer 6 to 8 touches before making the decision to buy.

Compared to any other type of content, white papers have proven to last longer and work harder. Customers want to consider their options; which means you need to stand out each time they engage with you. 

In a recent poll, 79% of B2B buyers specified white papers as the content they were most likely to share with colleagues

With so much riding on a white paper, hiring professionals to develop a robust paper is a worthy investment. But you need more than a freelance white paper writer; you need a trusted partner that knows your business and is committed to your long-term success. 

Benefits of ContentWorm Writing

At ContentWorm, we’ve set ourselves apart with a reputation for excellence through our proven 4-step process: Discover | Strategize | Execute | Deliver.

Here’s what makes our white paper writing services different: 

From point of contact to the final deliverable, we have a team of professional writers and editors working to produce a white paper that closes the deal.
We want to get this right the first time, so we stay in communication throughout the process.
Whether you want to step back and let someone handle it all, or you want to be involved every step of the way, we adapt our process to your preferences.
We don’t just stop at white paper marketing; we’re in this for the long haul, helping your content strategy reach its full potential.

Let’s start positioning you as the premier resource in your field.